International Pillow Fight Day

Yesterday was apparently international pillow fight day, with a huge messy pillow fight happening in Trafalgar Square.

But the funniest part may have been a worker walking around with one of these,

looking at the ground and then looking at his tools, and then basically hanging his head.  


Photo of London

This is a photo of London from July 23rd 2012 to April 4th 2013


Argo Fuck Yourself Ben Affleck, Your Movie Sucks Ass

If I still had a car, I would get a "Honk If You Like Argo" bumper sticker, so I would know who to try to drive off the road in a gruesome attempt at vehicular murder suicide.

There are so many awful things about this movie, it's not surprising it won so many awards.

  1. It's racist. Every Iranian in this movie looks incredibly menacing and evil.  Every single one.
  2. It's only about Ben Affleck.  It was not about Tony Mendez.  God forbid there's any character development of any of the hostages, such that the viewer sympathizes with them.  We learn literally nothing about these 6 people.  There is no time spent showing what it was like for them to be holed up in that house for months at a time, being afraid to leave for fear of death.  No, that would have cut down screen time for Ben Affleck making serious looking faces.  We also end up knowing literally nothing about Tony, who in theory, the movie is supposed to honor.
  3. It's incredibly racist.  The puppet mastery of the CIA and the US is really glossed over in this film.
  4. It's literally only about Ben Affleck.  There's so much context, history, and actual interesting story behind this movie.  As a viewer, the movie starts out as if to suggest that you may actually learn something.  It quickly degenerates into an incredibly one dimensional and ultra predictable caper film.
And the ending.  Learn how to make a fucking movie.  Just because you mention Tony's 10 year old son one time, doesn't mean the viewers have developed any attachment to him such that there's a huge sigh of relief at the end of the film when Tony reunites with his wife and child.

This happens in other Ben Affleck films as well.  He's just so special.  In Gigli, we see that Ben Affleck is so attractive that he makes a straight woman out of J Lo's lesbian character.  In The Town, Rebecca Hall can disregard that he bludgeoned her boss at the bank with the back of a shotgun as a cute bit of foreplay, because, well... he is just so attractive.

Seriously, Argo fuck yourself Affleck, and the rest of the academy.


This ain't the Mississippi

The Tate Modern - Baltimore Connection


And then I told them of the majestic golden orb in the southern sky which has provided heat and light for the people in my country for generations. It asks for nothing in return I said. They scoffed. They told me of several natives who have claimed to see the orb many years ago. They were drunkards they said. A red glow to their skin, clearly due to intoxication.